Blanket Reel Systems

Ian Coombes Australia Pty Ltd design and manufacture our own range of durable stainless steel reel frames suitable for use with our MacBall Thermal Pool Blankets.

MacBall winding and storage reels, which can be operated manually or automatically with remote controls, are engineered for strength and durability and consist of stainless steel framework and non-corrosive self aligning bushes. Mobile Reels feature stainless steel footbrake casters with easy-run polyurethane wheels.

The MacBall Heat Saver Blanket is fabricated in easy to manage panels. The blanket can be easily attached to a portable storage reel, which itself can be positioned on the deck or conveniently hidden from view within the deck or a handy bench seat


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a broad range of reel systems from standard models to design build options that reflect both pool facility design as well as client needs etc.

Below is a sample of our product range:

Underbench Reel Frame


Without a doubt our most popular reel frame is our underbench reel frame.  This reel frame solution removes the manual handling from the reel frames and can truly be a one person operation.

Constructed from powder coated stainless steel and a kiln dried hardwood our underbench reel system offers an astheticly pleasing method for storing your thermal pool blanket while offering the added bonus of additional seating for spectators.

This style of reel frame can be made up to 25m in length holding up to four 6.25m wide thermal blankets with our centre drive technology. This is suitable for use with our Poolie's Pal automatic pool blanket winch or manual wind options are also available such as a right angle gearbox can be fitted to prevent you from having to bend down to wind your blanket out of the pool.

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Mobile Underbench Reel Frames


The mobile underbench is becoming an increasingly popular pool cover reel frame due to its ability to be pushed aside and be used as a seat while not deploying or retrieving the pool covers.


Constructed from powdercoated stainless steel with heavy duty stainless steel castors and decked in a kiln dried hardwood stained suitable for a marine environment.


Suitable for use with a Poolie's Pal automatic pool blanket winch

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Custom Design & Build


In addition to our standard reel frames listed above we have also custom designed and built a number of other one off reel frames.  Our experienced team of engineers can come up with a solution that will work for you.  Past jobs have included using hydraulics to raise reel systems out of concealed pits at the end of the pool or reel systems concealed behind the end wall of the pool.

We like a challenge so feel free to talk to us about how you would like to store your thermal pool blanket.


Remote Control Wall Mounted Reel Frame


For installations where space around the pool deck is limited our wall mountd reel system is an ideal way to still ensure that your blankets are well looked after while storing them out of the way and handy to poolside.

Available in either a manual wind or remote control motorised models.

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Mobile Reel Frames


Our Mobile Reel Frames offer the commercial swimming pool operator an econmical way to store and handle our swimming pool blankets. These reel frames can hold multiple blankets and can be easliy moved to store in an out of the way location.

Constructed from powder coated stainless steel with durable stainless steel castors.  This model can also come with an optional cantileaver which extends out to lift blankets over obsticals such as starting platforms.

Suitable for use with a Poolie's Pal automatic pool blanket winch

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Poolie's Pal


The Poolie's Pal automatic pool blanket winch is designed and manufactured in house for use on both stationary and mobile reel frames. This system offers a versatile unit that is safe and easily handled by all staff.

The Poolie's Pal uses a drive system that couples easily to the reel frame that is used to retrieve the blankets from the pool.

To deploy the blankets onto the pool the Poolie's Pal is wheeled to the opposite end of the pool from the reel system and the cover is winched onto the pool via a draw cord. This operation is easily and safely achieved through user friendly controls on the Poolie's Pal unit.

The unit houses a 24V Sealed lead acid battery and an in-built 3 stage trickle charger ensuring the unit is always ready for use. It features,

  • Height adjustable to drive all types of reel frames
  • Deploys a 50m cover in less than 3 minutes
  • Built in Battery Charger
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated tip over cut out

The MacBall System provides an excellent return on investment. Most systems pay for themselves within the first 18 months of use and continue to make financial savings with environmental benefits long after the initial investment is recouped.


Click here to download our MacBall Pool Blankets Brochure