With over 30 years experience, Ian Coombes Australia Pty Ltd can provide the best pumping and filtration system, designed and specified for individual applications. All our systems are designed and manufactured to industry standards and there is no compromise on quality.

Filtration systems are manufactured in various options depending on the size and operational aspects of the pool.

Pumping and Filtration has been the most prominent part of our business for over 30 years. We as engineers, pride ourselves in being successful in design & building filtration products, disinfection and reticulation systems for all types of pools, from school/institutional facilities to major public aquatic facilities, both as new projects as well as upgrades and retrofits to existing facilities.


Our infrastructure is made up of:

    • A qualified engineering design/project management team using CAD facilities
    • A qualified and experienced team of engineers in our manufacturing workshop. Our workshop team possesses a broad range of engineering skills including substantial experience in stainless steel fabrication
    • A qualified and experienced sales engineering team with a good mix of engineering, water treatment and aquatic facility management backgrounds. This enables us to design & build systems that consider all aspects of the client's wishes, while not forgetting the people who have to operate the equipment once it has been installed

Our goal to the client is to offer what we believe is the best design solution for a chosen project or application, taking into consideration:

    • Compliance with the relevent water quality standards
    • Budget
    • Available space
    • Safety
    • Cost effectiveness of operation
    • Ease of operation

Ian Coombes Australia Pty Ltd is able to offer a wide range of filtration systems for the commercial swimming pool market. 


Ian Coombes Australia Pty Ltd are able to offer the following filtration methods:

Sand Filtration


Sand filtration is perhaps the most common form of filtration found in swimming pools. 

This tends to be due to is ease of use and  relatively easy maintenance.  For this  reason Sand filtration is very popular amongst domestic and smaller commercial  facilities. 

A pressure-fed sand filter  is typically placed in line immediately after the water pump. The filter  typically contains a media such as graded sand.


Vacuum Media Filtration

  Vacuum Media Filtration is our companies specialist filtration area. It is the technology that we believe suits most commercial filtration applications. Our custom built AquaBoss filters provide fine filtration down to 2-3 microns and with 8-16 week filter cycles offer a significant water saving over conventional sand filtration.